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From a sustainability standpoint, the Web and related technologies can make businesses flourish. Telecommuting saves cost and fossil fuel; online communications and ebooks cut time instead of trees; ecommerce increases sales while decreasing cars on the freeway; and virtual communities improve word of mouth advertising and productivity faster than a phone-call. Unlike resource-intensive print media and corporate travel, online and mobile technologies allow companies to expand their reach and success, with profound savings of time, expense, waste and natural resources. We believe digital media can be used to make businesses, economies, society and the environment flourish.



GOsustainably was created to make reputation-building, revenue-generating and cost-saving digital media affordable and accessible for businesses. You don’t have to be a major corporation to take advantage of great online tools like Web, social and mobile media. If you have a business in need of a new Web site or redesign, custom digital tools, online promotion, social media management or search engine optimization (SEO), then you’ve come to the right place! We will help capitalize on digital media in order to increase revenue and cut costs–while reducing waste, energy usage and depletion of natural resources in the process. If you want to see your business flourish by capitalizing on digital media, we’re here to help!



Pamela Snyder, GOsustainably and DigiVino Founder

Pamela Snyder, MBA, GOsustainably and DigiVino Founder

Pamela Snyder founded GOsustainably after 16 years in digital media and strategic planning. In 2012 she opened a new branch, called DigiVino, to create digital media for wine businesses. Previously, Pamela led the producer team at one of the world’s top three Web agencies, Red Sky Interactive, and launched an online media design company in South America. She has led global online strategy teams for Sutter Home, Miller, Nike, Cisco, Walmart, San Francisco Dept of the Environment, Toyota, NFL, Visa, Levi’s, International Fund for Animal Protection, World Watch International and Save the Children. Pamela is fluent in Spanish. Her MBA is from one of the top sustainability business schools in the US, (per Fast Company). Current clients include Absolutely Fabulous ToursFairwinds Treatment CenterNapa Family & Foster Care Association, Molinari Caffe, MadavierSexy Napa, and YourMoneyHealth.


Leslie Caplan, GOsustainably CSR and Compliance

Leslie Caplan, JD, MBA, LEED AP, Enterprise and  Sustainability

Leslie has over 15 years experience working with entities to design sustainability strategies that further traditional business, government and sustainability goals. And, she has been empowering GO with her expertise since the days of our early consultancy, before we even formed the company officially! Her projects include ATT Park; the UCSF-Mission Bay Campus; California’s law regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars; conversion of a 50,000 square foot industrial building to a green retail space; and the LEED certification of San Francisco’s 300 room W-hotel. A seasoned entrepreneur and product developer, she was awarded patents for the Wave keyboard marketed worldwide by Logitech. She has a BS (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School), a BA (U Penn), a JD (Hastings) and an MBA in Sustainability (Presidio Graduate School).



Kathie Barclay, MS, Direct to Consumer Marketing and Data Analysis

Kathie Barclay is a results-oriented marketing strategist with strong record of achievement in consumer direct campaigns, merchandising, planning, forecasting, and project management for lifestyle oriented companies. She has launched ClubBev! for retailer Beverages & More and grew list from zero to 500,000 members in 3 ½ years. She has also increased wine club membership for clients, averaging 20%+ growth over 3 years, driven direct to consumer sales for clients with average increases of 25%+ over 3 years, and presented at the Direct to Consumer Symposiums, Tasting Room Profitability Conferences, DNA Marketecture Conference, Sonoma County Vintners.



Regina Lutz, Public Relations

Regina Lutz is a savvy, public relations specialist, who has created national and international communications strategies for luxury and lifestyle brands in California for 32 years. She maintains significant, long-term relationships with key business and lifestyle media gatekeepers; close rapport with new influences via social media outlets, lifestyle blogs, and forums, and led regional, national and international PR and media programs during a 22 year tenure at Robert Mondavi Corporation. She has also conducted international public relations (United Kingdom, GAS, Japan, Canada), crafted visitor and hospitality programs, and press and media relations, with an emphasis on Napa Valley.



Andrew C. Greenberg, MS, PhD, JD, Technology

40 years in software design and development, technology strategic planning, core product development and internet security solutions. Famous to gamers around the world for having created the world’s first interactive role playing game (in the spirit of “Dungeons and Dragons” known as, “Wizardry,”) he brings GOsustainably clients sound technological solutions and entrepreneurial creativity. As if that weren’t enough, also credentialed in intellectual property and patent law. Awarded JD from Stetson University College of Law; MS and PhD (all but dissertation) from Cornell University.


Denise Jacoby, GOsustainably, Client Service

Denise Jacoby, MA, Client Services

A master communicator, attentive listener and strategic problem-solver, Denise shares her talents with DigiVino (a division of GOsustainably) by helping business owners in the wine world to find digital media solutions that deepen their brands and increase success. Her ability to do this was honed over 14 years of exceptional project management and customer service for diverse industries in Colorado and, most recently, the California government. Denise went to college at Chapman University and resides now in Sonoma. She divides her free time between hiking local mountains and wine tasting.


Swagata Mukherjee, Design, GOsustainably

Swagata Mukherjee, BA, Design

During the past 10 years, Swagata focused on corporate branding. She brings that decade’s worth of skills honed as a professional artist and designer to GOsustainably and its DigiVino division. Around here, we especially appreciate her skill designing Web sites, mobile applications, brochures, logos and other collateral. Recent projects have included digital media design, book illustration and instructional design. Swagata also teaches graphic design and volunteers with charitable organizations to increase underserved children’s access to education and health care. She is know for going the extra mile with regards to revisions and enhancements, in order to create exactly what our clients want. Swagata is inspired by the world around her; is an amateur photographer and loves living the zest (and the best) of life. She has a BA in Fine Arts and paints in her spare time and a Masters in Design.



Christina Vizcaino, BA, Social Media

Christina Vizcaino brings a unique wine-perspective to the DigiVino social media team, as she is presently completing her Bachelors of Business Administration in Wine Business and Marketing at Sonoma State University. As social media expert skilled at teaching the importance of strategic, well-planned and fully integrated (on and offline) campaigns, Christina truly enjoys helping clients understand and utilize their social media networks for their wine businesses. She has spent several years working in different aspects of the wine industry and holds a true passion for it. Christina is experienced at designing and implementing social media campaigns and annual plans for clients such as E16 Winery and Robert Keenan Winery. Besides being an avid “foodie”, Christina is also a musician and enjoys learning about new cultures and languages.


Jorge Barriere, GOsustainably Social Media Specialist

Jorge Barriere, Social Media

Prior to joining DigiVino, Jorge was a professor and curriculum developer at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, specializing in Social Media + Fan Management, among other subjects, and continues to work with graduating students and recent alumni as a Career Advisor. Jorge got his social chops in music/media industry, where he’s worked with acts like the Section Quartet, Dr. Dre, Jason Mraz, Hypnogaja, the Jonas Brothers, Shyboy, and numerous companies, most notably, FlavorPill, the Coachella Music Festival, and ONE Coconut Water, in a number of capacities. A musician in his own right, Jorge has a degree in Music Industry Studies from the University of the Pacific; plays the saxophone with the 561st and 562nd Air Force Bands; and still tours with them throughout the US and Middle East.


Praful Lichade, GOsustainably Engineering

Praful Lichade, BS, Engineering and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Praful has been focusing on Web for the last five years, specifically, working on Oracle technologies, (i.e.: SQL, PL-SQL, Oracle Reports, UNIX,) ecommerce, and mission critical Web projects with diverse requirements. His projects have included Magento open source ecommerce sites, such as for Green Casuals; NGO Web sites, such as a conservation and social empowerment site for the Sangharsh Foundation; and multilingual sites built with multilingual CMS’s, such as the Eftek site presented on the frontend and backend in six languages.



Chelsea Hunter, GOsustainably & Digi Vino, Client Service

Chelsea Hunter, Client Service

Dynamic, versatile & highly personable, Chelsea has 17 years experience building successful client relationships when leading teams to develop marketing, interactive advertising, design, communication & technology solutions. Beginning at the Australia’s largest agencies, she moved to Silicon Valley where she has worked at tier-1 digital agencies, a successful dot.com, & one of the Big 4 consulting firms. Her roles have spanned business development, consulting engagements, corporate improvement initiatives, large-scale website development, integrated media campaigns & team leadership for client facing multi-million dollar P&L on fortune 500 accounts.


MBleeker gray large

Mark Bleeker

Mark Bleeker is a skilled technician with experience in personal computers, servers and network deployment, and accessibility and maintenance. He is a creative problem solver who is able to apply technical expertise, analytical abilities, and interpersonal skills to improve results from technology. Mark is detail-oriented, but can also adapt to changing environments. He has experience with a wide-range of in-person and remote support requests. Mark brings over 10 years of system support experience and a strong interest in learning new technology and systems.