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Email campaigns are perhaps the most cost and time effective approach to building a customer list and increasing online sales. To really get the most out of you and your team’s time, your business’ email campaigns should be coordinated with your website, social media and all channels in your online presence. This process takes a lot of detailed coordination and planning. That’s why the  GO-U Content Map & Schedule Template comes in so handy!

Learn more about GO-U. See how this unique and super affordable program helps do-it-yourselfer business owners and professionals leverage the web to find (more) customers and sell (more) online for their business. GO-U is a program of GOsustainably and DigiVino.

FREE: Content Map email campaign multi-channel scheduling template
FREE CONTENT MAP: schedule email campaigns, social media post themes, website features and  other content publishing channels with this template.



It’s not too difficult to get a bunch of new visitors land on your website’s homepage. There are a number of cheap services that will do this—and usually they just bounce right off your website as quickly as they arrived.

It’s an entirely different matter to attract new visitors to your site, who are interested in what you’re offering and who are already are in the market to buy.

GO-U helps businesses identify their audiences, create content that is compelling and useful for that target audience, optimize that content so that it works to the advantage of the business and benefit of customers and target audience members, distribute content to strategically relevant locations in order to attract more target audience members and build trust with existing prospects and customers, convert audience members from prospects into customers, and leverage existing audience members to convert them into your brand evangelists to multiply your audience.

Join GO-U now, if you want to get busy with all of these steps immediately. Or, in the meantime, this GO-U tool will help you get started with multiplying your audience on your own.

Get New Customers Using the Web

Learn and implement proven tactics to find new prospects, then convert them to customers–and then implement these strategies and tactics. If you have questions as your implement, join us for the full GO-U program. There, your questions will be answered as they arise!