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The system Pamela introduces through the GO-U program is based on the strategies she and her team employed to make stunning increases in small business clients’ online revenue, achieving the following in one year’s time for one local business. This sort of success is not uncommon for GOsustainably clients.

  • Average Order Value increased 36%
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased 41.4%
  • Email Sales increased 121%
  • Per Session Value increased 92%
  • SEO Conversions increased 12%


GO-U is normally $1,164. However, to ease some of the strain of the pandemic, Pamela has dramatically reduced the full program fee to just $250!

GO-U results vary depending upon many factors, including some that are outside of the scope of this program, such as the quality and viability of the products and services being sold by participating businesses. For this reason, GOsustainably does not purport to guarantee sales and revenue from participating in the GO-U program.