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NGO Special

(One Time Fee)

“MONTHLY WEB TUNE UP” is one of GOsustainably’s web maintenance retainers and the most affordable way to keep your website maintained and up-to-date.


Simply post your requests and our support team will  take care of them, usually in under 48 hours.  

Post any basic web maintenance task, email campaign need, list segmentation request, copywriting assignment, social media management project or SEO support item. We’ve got you covered.


  • Website edits or additions, plug in installation, simple integrations (WordPress, Weebly, Wix)
  • Security updates
  • Malware scans


  • Email template building/editing
  • List segmentation
  • Sequential email automation


  • Simple social media video production
  • Social media profile enhancement
  • Social media post automation setup or copywriting


  • “Low hanging fruit” web page and landing page optimization
  • Keyword research

Up to 5 Hours / month

Unspent hours may roll over to be used anytime during the year of purchase.