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Safety First – Web Maintenance Retainer

(One Time Fee)

Small business web maintenance retainers serve business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs, through cost-effective web support.  Get the service you need, when you want it!


Keep your business website safe from malware attacks, phishing and other hacking by keeping your site, software and plugins up to date. 

Ensure your site is safe. We will provide the following services on a routine basis.

WEBSITE BACKUPS – if anything ever goes awry with your site, you’ll be safe. We’ll make sure you have a backup to revert to in emergencies.

MALWARE SCAN – we will scan your site for malware and alert you if anything suspicious is occurring, so that you can mitigate against risks.

SOFTWARE UPDATES – if your software and plugins are not current, it’s easier to be hacked. We will update your software to keep you secure.

CONTENT CHANGES – As time allows, we will be happy to make content updates to your site (fix that nasty typo you found, update an image, etc.)

To complete the above tasks, we will spend up to two hours per month. Under most circumstances, a couple of hours per month is plenty of time for all of the above, but all sites are different. If any step will take longer than the allotted time, we will notify you in advance and discuss options.

Keep your site safe.

If additional time is available each month, simply post any basic web maintenance task, email campaign need, list segmentation request, copywriting assignment, social media management project or SEO support item. We’ve got you covered.


  • Website edits or additions, plug in installation, simple integrations (WordPress, Weebly, Wix)
  • Security updates
  • Malware scans


  • Email template building/editing
  • List segmentation
  • Sequential email automation


  • Simple social media video production
  • Social media profile enhancement
  • Social media post automation setup or copywriting


  • “Low hanging fruit” web page and landing page optimization
  • Keyword research

5 hours / month. Unspent hours may roll-over to be used anytime during the year of purchase.