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Chelsea Hunter, Client Service

Chelsea Hunter, Client Relationships & Advice Specialist

Dynamic, versatile & highly personable, Chelsea Hunter has 17 years experience building successful client relationships when leading teams to develop marketing, interactive advertising, design, communication & technology solutions. Beginning at the Australia’s largest agencies, she moved to Silicon Valley where she has worked at tier-1 digital agencies, a successful, & one of the Big 4 consulting firms. Her roles have spanned business development, consulting engagements, corporate improvement initiatives, large-scale website development, integrated media campaigns & team leadership for client facing multi-million dollar P&L on fortune 500 accounts. Another valuable asset in our company at GOsustainably.

Client Relationships & Advisor

Having constant communication with a client is hard to come by within the modern industry. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are often too busy chasing leads, establishing a foundation, trying to be financially stable, or working on projects. Making an effort to build current relationships is often forgotten or lost within the ‘mix’ of building the company. However, keeping loyal clients is a major part of business building and should never be overlooked.

While the task may seem daunting and often times “seems like a waste of time”, it’s quite the contrary. Building a client base that stays loyal to your company means more profit in the long run. Stability and sustaining revenue streams is our goal here at GOsustainably. Without stability, everything falls apart- including your business.

When we hired Chelsea we knew that we brought more than your average communicator. Building the relationship takes time and understanding not only the person but the business as well. Having insight into the infrastructure and inner-cycles takes talent. Once Chelsea understands how you and your business operates, what your needs are, and what the company’s needs are, she can keep track of the major demands that need to met. Her best interests are always in the client first before GOsustainably, and that’s saying a lot.