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Kathie Barclay, MS, Direct to Consumer Marketing and Data Analysis

Kathie Barclay, Direct To Consumer Marketing

Kathie Barclay is a results-oriented marketing strategist with strong record of achievement in consumer direct campaigns, merchandising, planning, forecasting, and project management for lifestyle oriented companies. She has launched ClubBev! for retailer Beverages & More and grew list from zero to 500,000 members in 3 ½ years. She has also increased club membership for clients, averaging 20%+ growth over 3 years, driven direct to consumer sales for clients with average increases of 25%+ over 3 years, and presented at the Direct to Consumer Symposiums,DNA Marketecture Conference and many others.

Direct to Consumer Marketing & Sales

When you own a business in the industry of selling products instead of services, direct to consumer marketing and sales is an essential tool. With major digital media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest on the rise, people are looking for genuine, good products for a good bargain. If you’re not in the digital media industry, sales are hard to come by. Properly marketing your products to be advertised and/or found through the proper channels is essential to a successful business model. Taking a step further, with the best direct-to-consumer specialist at the helm, reaching the target audience to buy your product is even greater.

Many venues can be used for D2C (direct to consumer), but the right ones give the most profit. That’s why we hired Kathie Barclay, an expert in direct-to-consumer marketing sales and data analyst for revenue streams. She knows her research and how to implement a better method of customer targeting, display ads, distribution venues, and sales marketing campaigns that deliver results. With Kathie on the job, you’re sure to get your small business started in the right direction with cost efficiency and stable amount of monthly buyers that you can count on & budget within your company. When you choose GOsustainably, you choose success!