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Leslie Caplan, JD, MBA, LEED AP, Enterprise and Sustainability

Leslie Caplan, Business Analyst And Strategist, Sustainability Consulting

Leslie Caplan has over 15 years experience working with entities to design sustainability consulting strategies that further traditional business, government and sustainability goals. And, she has been empowering GOsustainably with her expertise since the days of our early consultancy, before we even formed the company officially! Her projects include ATT Park; the UCSF-Mission Bay Campus; California’s law regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars; conversion of a 50,000 square foot industrial building to a green retail space; and the LEED certification of San Francisco’s 300 room W-hotel. A seasoned entrepreneur and product developer, she was awarded patents for the Wave keyboard marketed worldwide by Logitech. She has a BS (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School), a BA (U Penn), a JD (Hastings) and an MBA in Sustainability (Presidio Graduate School).

Sustainability Consulting

Sometimes sustainability consulting can mean the difference between success and failure. While getting a business started can be a challenge in itself, keeping the company at an adequate revenue gain can be the toughest hardship. With a professional consultant to assist in all major infrastructure of your business, you’re guaranteed a higher chance of being well established and stable for years to come. It’s a common saying that ‘all businesses who survive for 5 years are sure to stick around’. It’s a saying for all entrepreneurs who are looking into building a company from scratch. It’s both a warning and a mile marker for small businesses.

When we hired Leslie, we knew we were bringing a reliable consultant to the team. She has an excellent track record for advising business owners on how to survive in all major thresholds of up-starts. This includes seasonal changes, ‘business drought’, employment and management problems, and financial stability. It’s our goal to make sure you succeed in this new venture, and with Leslie on the job you’re sure to achieve.