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Collateral Design by Mandy Masciarelli

Mandy Masciarelli - GOsustainably - Print Collateral Design Expert

Mandy Masciarelli’s design work is prolific, gorgeous and compelling. Her print collateral design and point-of-sale materials have been applauded she began her graphic design career in Napa CA in 1993. She cultivated her talent and experience while assisting well-known wine package designer Jeffrey Caldeway for 12 years. During that time she established her reputation in her own right and worked with him on several wine labels, which were featured in his book, “Icon—Art of the Wine Label.” She has been working in design for over 20 years and specializes in point of sale materials. Mandy has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Sacramento State University in 1987 and a certificate in Applied Graphics from Santa Rosa Junior College. She’s a long-time Napa resident and a loving mother.

Graphic & Print Collateral Design Services

Graphic & print collateral design in the small business industry is an art form that compels viewers, prospects, and/or wholesalers to buy your product. Purchases come from impressionable labels, banners, brochures, or even business cards. Word of mouth, digital marketing, and internet marketing can all play a major role. However graphic design is the key to your company’s success. This goes hand-in-hand with adequate branding and effective representation of your business.

That’s why we hired only the best graphic designer in the industry to lead the team on a visually stunning crusade of breath-taking works across all of our clients. She not only brings modernized aesthetics to the table, but also delivers key concepts that will enhance the appeal your company need. Her interests are solely based on how efficient the brand or product can be displayed in a unique and eye-catching way. She has done amazing graphic design services for our company over the years and we look forward to showing any new client how well her talents exceed expectation.