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Mark Bleeker

Mark Bleeker - IT Support - GOsustainably

Mark Bleeker is a skilled technician and dedicated IT support with experience in personal computers, servers and network deployment, and accessibility and maintenance. He is a creative problem solver who is able to apply technical expertise, analytical abilities, and interpersonal skills to improve results from technology. Mark is detail-oriented, but can also adapt to changing environments. He has experience with a wide-range of in-person and remote support requests. Mark brings over 10 years of system support experience and a strong interest in learning new technology and systems. He is an invaluable asset to any of our marketing projects when problems arise, and of great value to the GOsustainably.

IT Support for Servers, Networks, and Computer Technology

IT support is an essential part for running a business. Mainly, having a website requires a dedicated professional to oversee and maintain any errors or problems that arise. This is especially the case for eCommerce websites or any project that requires data collection and data transfer of personal information. Not only can coding become tricky or faulty in the’guts’of the website, problems can arise on a server-side basis. This requires a skilled person to fix and correct any issues in a timely fashion. Afterall, time is money.

That’s why we hired Mark, who is proficient in many of the server-side languages. Beyond any of the development applications, server-side is where he thrives. Finding problems and solving them before customers discover them and/or become frustrated. This can often lead to potential losses of business and sales- and our goal is to eliminate this possibility with a dedicated IT Support like Mark.

Sometimes websites can be tricky on personal computers as well. When problems arise, process of elimination is key. Being able to address the problem on the customer or clients’ end can be the difference between time spent and time wasted. If you need help with your own computer, he can help.