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Regina Lutz, Public Relations

Regina Lutz, GOsustainably's Public Relations Expert

Regina Lutz is a savvy, public relations specialist, who has created national and international communications strategies for luxury and lifestyle brands in California for 32 years. She maintains significant, long-term relationships with key business and lifestyle media gatekeepers; close rapport with new influences via social media outlets, lifestyle blogs, and forums, and led regional, national and international PR and media programs during a 22 year tenure at Robert Mondavi Corporation. She has also conducted international public relations (United Kingdom, GAS, Japan, Canada), crafted visitor and hospitality programs, and press and media relations, with an emphasis on Napa Valley.

Public Relations Services at GOsustainably

Public relations for small businesses and entrepreneurs is a huge part of success. While many other larger and more accomplished companies make this a simple process, it can be hard for up-start businesses to begin the long approach. Branding is essential in any venue or digital media. Be it social media, blogging, product distribution, customer reviews, internal conflicts within the business, or getting proper management situated to properly oversee the business in a productive way. All of these aspects can seem overwhelming and daunting when starting out.

However, when we hired Regina Lutz, we knew all of our clients were in good hands. With a great track record for organizing small businesses her work seems both fluid and efficient. With many of our clients productivity and positive work space was at an all time high for said business. While setting up internal organization, she finds a way to get companies self-sustaining on public image. Branding and public image are essentially the same, and just as important.

With social media and customer reviews becoming more predominate over the years, it’s absolutely critical to address every media platform. Whether it’s a complaint, bad graphic display, or a poor advertisement, he skills allow these problems to auto-correct itself with organized positions within the business. When Regina is given the task, you’re sure to succeed on every level.