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Swagata Mukherjee, BA, Design

Swagata Mukherjee - Logo Design And Branding - GOsustainably

During the past 10 years, Swagata Mukherjee focused on corporate branding. She brings that decade’s worth of skills honed as a professional artist and designer to GOsustainably and its DigiVino division. Around here, we especially appreciate her skill at website design, mobile applications, brochures, logos and other collateral. Recent projects have included digital media design, book illustration and instructional design. Swagata also teaches graphic design and volunteers with charitable organizations to increase underserved children’s access to education and health care. She is know for going the extra mile with regards to revisions and enhancements, in order to create exactly what our clients want. Swagata is inspired by the world around her; is an amateur photographer and loves living the zest (and the best) of life. She has a BA in Fine Arts and paints in her spare time and a Masters in Design.

Branding Services

Proper logo design is key to effective branding. When starting a small business it’s important to have the very first consumer impression of your business shine. It’s not just a design, it’s a message. This message needs to be properly translated into the eyes of the right viewers. These viewers, left with the right impression and the right message, are more likely to buy your service or product. This is when branding plays a major role in the success of a small business.

Your company thrives on the right impressions. When expanding, a bad logo can be the downfall. To keep up with modern trends and modern eyes, companies are constantly rebranding. Sometimes a new name, but always a new logo. It’s curcial to have a “fresh” appeal when upselling your company.

That’s why we hired Swagata. Her designs are flawless and always up-to-date on the latest trends. At times, she creates beyond the trends to make new styles that satisfy specific goals within a concept. Making your logo appealing is one thing- having it represent your brand is another.