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Small Business Entrepreneurial Coach Manimala Ravindrn

Business Consulting Expert Mani

Manimala Ravindrn is a seasoned small business entrepreneurial coach (business consulting), who has successfully started and run a retail and a service business, employing a total of 40 people, serving over 200 clients between 2000 to 2015. As such, she understands what it means to make a company successful and is an excellent problem solver with strategic and tactical skills. Born to do business, Manimala has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce as well as is credentialed in financial auditing. At DigiVino, Manimala brings her keen awareness of what makes a small business or start-up prosper to helping our clients reach their online sales and business growth objectives. Manimala splits her time between Napa, CA and Chennai, India, thus making her one of our core international business development team members. Manimala is fluent in English and Tamil. She is a great lover of music, dance and art in any form.

Business Consulting Services

Business consulting can make or break a business. While many entrepeneurs like to handle all company aspects solely, we know the results can differ from opinion. Getting started is the hardest part of a small business. There are many avenues, many weaknesses to consider, and many fail-safes that must be planned. The job of a business consultant is to take a look at all aspects of your business model and coach you in the right direction. We take a look at every possible outcome, finances, potential income, products- you name it. Incorperating all of the elements that make business into one company takes a lot of work.

That’s why we chose to hire Manimala. She not only has a lot of experience, but an excellent track record. Consulting businesses onto the right path of success is her specialty. With Manimala, business becomes a smoother process over the years with a better model and company plan in hand.