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Darrin Kuykendall, MBA, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Darrin Kuykendall, SEO Specialist & Strategist

Darrin Kuykendall is responsible for the strategy and execution of SEM and SEO campaigns for GOsustainably. He develops, launches and manages SEO/SEM accounts, PPC campaigns and specializes in WordPress design and development.  He is also certified in: Google Analytics; AdWords Shopping; AdWords Search; Mobile Sites; Google Video and HubSpot Inbound.  He focuses on e-commerce sites and lead generation and has proven capabilities of driving traffic, improving conversions and increasing ROI. He is our SEO specialist by far.

SEO Specialist

When you need an SEO specialist who is an expert in the field of web optimization, organic search, and SEM, Darrin is always a man of providing results. SEO is almost the most important part of running a business. While old methods and tactics can help in rural areas, the internet remains ‘king’ of the business world. With a small up-start business you’re going to need a professional who can provide the results you need to achieve leads and customers. Without them it’s difficult to have a stable revenue stream.

There are still many venues within the SEO/SEM industry aside from company websites. SEM now consists of all major venues on the internet. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, Local Business Listings, Google My Business, Display Ads, and other website resources. It’s important to utilize all of these in order to achieve optimum support for your business.

When we hired Darrin, we knew we were hiring the best. While portfolios can be misleading, we have seen first-hand the results he can provide. This shows not only in positions and ranking in Google searches, but the amount of traffic and lead progression your company receives monthly. With an excellent track record by Darrin, your business is sure to succeed. He has custom methods and tactics that have proven to work well within any given industry, and guaranteed to work for yours.